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Lead Gen
for B2B

By combining
cross-platform automation & media


Delivering content to the
eyes of your niche audience


Content production
and community development


We bring you expert
candidates - and fast

in reaching a
target audience.

Shahar Abuhazira
Roboteam Defense CEO


An easy-to-execute plan with a noticeable contribution to the bottom line.

Igal Zeifman
Marketing Director at Imperva
(a $2bn company)



Dori Herpaz
VP Marketing of Cynet & Secdo
(Exited for $100m)

Strong service, strong results.

Yoel Knoll
VP Marketing of CallVU
Calcalist's Startrup of the Year


  • Cyber

    The Global Leader of Network Security

  • Cyber

    The World Leader of Web-App Security

  • VoIP

    World's #1 Call Center Optimization Platform

  • Cyber

    A 650-Employee Application Security Leader

  • IT

    A World Leader in Flash Memory Solutions

  • Conversational AI (Virtual Call Agent)

  • A Leading Consumer Insights & Market Research Platform

  • Cyber

    Protection Against Zero-Day Attacks

  • Cyber

    Automated Incident Response for MSPs

  • Database

    Automated Data Discovery for BI Groups

  • Policy Enforcement Platform for Developers

  • AI-Driven Anti-Phishing Simulation Platform

  • Cybersecurity Process Automation

  • Dev-Tech

    Code Debugging Platform

  • Cyber

    Password-Free Enterprise Solution

  • Search Engine for Life Science Experimentation

  • UX

    Visual IVR for Contact Centers

  • Financial Planning & Analasys Process Automation

  • Industry 4.0

    Optimization Platform for Manfucaturing Machines

  • Cyber

    Autonomous Cyber Attack Testing Platofrm

  • IT

    Public Cloud Like Experience for On-Prem Datacenters

  • A Seamless & Secure Code Signing Solution

  • Cyber

    Holistic InfoSec Solution for MSPs

  • Database

    Automated Data Compliance Enforcement

  • Smart Receviable Collection Platform

  • Data

    Air Pollution Monitoring

  • AI

    Predictive Deep Learning Platform for BI Analysts

  • Ed-Tech

    Innovative Employee Training Platform

  • AI

    Datasets Build for training Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Cloud as a Business: White label Public Cloud Vendor

  • Cyber

    Cyber Intelligence for Fortune Class Enterprises

  • UX

    In-Call Collaboration Tools for Contact Centers

  • Digital Alumni Relations Platform

  • Cloud

    Cloud File Sync & Share Solutions for Telecoms

  • A 2,000-employee IT Group

  • IT

    Global Vendor of Data Availability Services

  • HR-Tech

    Algo-Driven Talent Acquisition

  • Cyber

    Application Security

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Innovation

  • IT

    Management Platform for SaaS Applications

  • Marketing-Tech

    Communities Management Platform

  • AI

    Compliance Enforcement Platform for Enterprise Applications

  • IT

    CRM & BPM Integration

  • Contact Centers

    AI-Driven Search Engine for Contact Centers

  • Ad-Tech

    Leading Display Network

  • Database

    Release Automation Platform

  • Ed-Tech

    Live Video Training Platofrm

  • Ad-Tech

    Auto-Personalization of Retailers' Video Ads

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    A Global Leader in Defense Robotics


    A 1,400-Employee Semiconductors Leader


  • Cutting Edge Inspection Equipment for Gas & Oil Infrastructure

  • Gilat Satellite Networks

  • Motion Control for Medical, Defense & Industrial Manufacturers

  • Shock Absorption Wheel System for Wheelchairs

  • Communications Solutions for Aerospace Applications

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We are a Digital
"Special Weapons & Tactics" Team
That B2B Companies
with Tough
Target Audiences
Go To.

Breach Digital is an online marketing agency for B2B tech & software. By combining conventional and unconventional, homegrown digital marketing means, we generate leads and instill brand awareness among the nichest target audiences.

We help our clients grow their brand, revenues and even the team. 

Banks' CIOs or HR Directors? Principal Aerospace Engineers or Army Colonels? Neurosurgeons or Hospital CFOs? CXOs in energy installations? eCommerce managers? The clients of your competitors?

Whoever your target audience is - We'll reach it.


Liran Dickstein

Liran Dickstein


Elad Gal

Elad Gal

Automation & BI Lead

Renana Halperin

Renana Halperin

Digital & Social Lead

Aaron Chester

Aaron Chester

Customer Success


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