Get $250: We Want to Build a Linkedin Profile with Your Name


Last updated on August 23, 2022



I'm Liran and I run a digital marketing business for hi-tech companies called Breach Digital. 

As part of the service that I provide my clients, I manage a LinkedIn profile for an employee at their client's company. From that profile, I make connections with potential clients.


But, sometimes, I don't have a profile to work with.

In such a situation, I create a "virtual employee" -  LinkedIn profile for an employee that does not exist in reality.

I need a name and an image for that virtual employee.


So, I will give you $250 if you allow me to build a LinkedIn profile using your own name and picture.


Do not worry:


A. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile but would like to open one in the future, that's fine! Having a "double" somewhere on LinkedIn will not affect your real profile. 

The profile I will open will be located in the United States and will work for a company that you are not related to.

So most chances, your friends and colleagues will never even see it.


B. It is 100% legal and all responsibility is in our hands. This will also be written explicitly in the mutual agreement.


C. We've been doing this for years, with zero problems.


So, what do you need?

We will send a PDF where you say you agree to the terms above. We will then have a short call.


What do you get in return?

$250 in one-time cash payment (bank transfer, Paypal, etc).

The payment will be transferred immediately by my company, number 515382265 - before you send us your picture.


How are you progressing?

Fill out the following form and the agreement will be forwarded immediately for your review, followed by the reward.

For questions, you can also contact us at office@breachdigital.com

Leave your details and we will contact you soon

Thank you! We'll contact you soon

Profile for example: 


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